Sheryl is not just a singer but alos plays a lot of instruments too. Most frequently she plays an electric or accoustic guitar. Moreover she plays Accordion, e-bass, piano, clavinet, harmonica, wurlitzer and percussion.

Normally there is a special relationship between a musician and his/her instruments. Even if many of them are played over years, there are always some certain pieces. When you're looking at all the pictures and videos of Sheryl you see the same guitar over and over again. She plays this one very often and the official Sheryl Crow Homepage ( said: "Her Gibson Country & Western is still her best sounding guitar". It's her Country-Western guitar by GIBSON, built in 1962.

GIBSON has created a limited edition of 400 signatured instruments (there is a label with production-ID and Sheryls signature inside). Sheryl gave her original guitar to GIBSON for a while to build the replication. A complete article is found in the magazine "Gitarre & Bass" Juni/2001 (German) []! For all the people who can't get this magazine I've scanned it: [ 600kb]. On the homepage of GIBSON you can find further information: [].

You can find pictures from Sheryl with her instruments here: Downloads/Pictures/shots with instrument.

If you have some more information about Sheryl's instruments, I would appreciate to get them from you by email: