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Sheryl's first attempt was rejected by the recordlabels. It was not commercially enough and was never released. There is an English fanpage dedicated to the unreleased album [].

"Tuesday Night Music Club"
The beginning of this album was a small Club in L.A - the "Tuesday Night Music Club". Sheryl met a few people there regularly on Tuesdays to do a session. A couple of months later there were enough tracks for an album. The CD was not very well sold for about one year. Then they promoted the single "All I wanna do". All radio stations played the song. Sheryl has won her first three grammys as "Best New Artist".

"Sheryl Crow"
With her previous album she has been accused to be that successful only because of the men in the band. To show the world that that was wrong, she decided to produce thas album herself. It only took three months to do the recording. She had a lot of stress and problems with alcohol so this album is selftitled. She has shown the world again that she's no one-hit-wonder and has won two further grammys.

"The Globe Sessions"
The Globe Sessions are dealt as her best album. The critics said it reflected her personality best. "The songs come from a place of real self - examination and reassessment. They're certainly more personal than any I've done before, kind of like standing on stage naked." she said in a interview from about TGS. She also produced that album herself. It's including hits like "My Favorite Mistake", "Anything But Down" and "There Goes The Neighborhood" and so she succeeded in winning another Grammy.

"Sheryl Crow & Friends live from Centralpark"
is her first live album. With special guests like Eric Clapton, The Dixie Chicks, Chrissie Hynde, Sarah McLachlan, Bill Murray, Steve Nicks and Keith Richards she played her own hits and some classical songs like "White Room", "Gold Dust Woman" and "Tombstone Blues" in Central Park. This is album is produced by Sheryl Crow.

"C'mon, C'mon"

Here you can see the provisional cover art on the left and the current one. The tracklist (Special-Guests):

    Steve McQueen (Doyle Bramhall II)
    Soak up the Sun
    (first Single, Liz Phair)
    You're an Original
    (Lenny Kravitz)
    Safe and Sound
    C'mon, C'mon
    It's So Easy
    (Don Henley)
    Over You
    (Doyle Bramhall II)
    Lucky Kid Diamond Road
    It's Only Love
    (Gwyneth Paltrow)
    (Natalie Maines)
    Hole In My Pocket
    Weather Channel
    (Emmylou Harris)

    Non-album tracks:
    Chances are*
    You're Not the One
    * (Stevie Nicks)
    * incl. the Soak Up The Sun Single

"The very best of Sheryl Crow"
is the first official best of album. There are five different tracklist available (USA, UK, International, Japan, Germany). On the german CD Sheryl sings with Wolfgang Niedecken (frontman of the German band "BAP". All editions are realized with "C'mon C'mon" featured by the Corrs.

    All I Wanne Do
    Soak Up The Sun
    My Favorite Mistake
    The First Cut Is The Deepest
    Leaving Las Vegas
    Strong Enough
    Light In Your Eyes
    If It Makes You Happy
    Everyday Is a Winding Road
    Run Baby Run
    Steve McQueen
    A Change Would Do You Good
    There Goes The Neighborhood
    C'mon, C'mon
    (feat. Corrs)
    Itís So Easy
    (feat. Wolfgang Niedecken)
Release-date: Oktober,20th 2003 (Germany)


is the long-time desired album. The title-song was written by Sheryl for Lance Armstrong. We have to wait until september to see how many love-songs will be on the album with 11 tracks...

    I Know Why
    Perfect Lie
    Good is Good
    Chances Are
    Letter to God
    I Don't Wanna Know
    Always On Your Side
    Where Has All the Love Gone
    Live it Up
Release-date: September, 27th 2005