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#Dates with Sheryl
September, 12th: The single "Good is good" will be released (in Germany).
September, 13th: TV appereance at "TV Total" (PRO7) (sold out)
September, 14th: Radio broadcast from the 1h concert at WDR2 Sendesaal in Cologne (sold out).
September, 23rd: The album "Wildflower" is in stores now. Also available is the Deluxe Edition with an unplugged DVD.
November, 3rd and 4th: The US-tour dates are published on SherylCrow.com. There are two gigs in London (November, 3rd and 4th).
[09.September 2005]

The next album is titled "Wildflower". You will find the tracklist here: Discographie/Alben.
[August, 3rd 2005]

#Sheryl's new album in fall
The new album will be released on september, 26th 2005. She hasn't a title yet. But there will be ten tracks on the record. In August they will start to broadcast the single "Good is Good" on radio. Tour-dates are in work.
[July, 2nd 2005]

#Sheryl's birthday
Happy birthday and the best wishes for your future (in music and private life)!
[February, 11th 2005]